Our place situated 5km from El Kasr village. Near mountains, where you can enjoy fresh air, good view, sound dunes, palm trees gardens and a hot swimming pool.
- With us you can enjoy yourself with many different programmes, such as:.
Camel trips, safari trips to the mountains Beduin bands and the most interesting programe is the healthy programme this is remedial programme that cures from many
diseases such as rheumatoid.
- We offer this programme in addition to healthy food from our local dishes.

You can book either 8-15 days with our health program, this program, we work with natural hot springs with water temperatures between 33 and 38 degrees. Olive oil packing and the dig of the body in the sand (litter) support the detoxification.
Within the health programme we offer you other activities to, such as tours, camel tours, Bedouin music and others
The programme begins with your arrival.
We gladly pick you from the airport of Luxor or Cairo.