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Our cosy Beir El-Gabal Tourist Camp is  situated at the periphery of ancient palm orchards some 5 kilometres from El-Qasr, embedded in one
of Egypt's most diverse and beautiful desert sceneries. It blends in harmonically with the clay and sand formations below the Dakhla cliff,
which provides guidance and orientation for walks and trek tours and offers an interesting stage even for bold climbers.

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Let the sweet sound of the Flow Form rivulet that runs along the terrace and into the garden enchant you. Its melody will whet your appetite for a relaxed outdoor breakfast. Separate cabins provide ten rooms for two or three, each with shower and toilet. A camping ground is also available for your accommodation. Widely-acclaimed meals are served all day, partially from our own organic farm.


 Watching the night sky while taking a bath in the 38°C hot spring is a  very special treat, as is a detoxifying sand-bath in the dunes during the day.  You are welcome to stay and relax at this perfect place for  individualist travellers with individualist preferences.


Double room incl. breakfast: EP 600,- half-board:
EP 900,-
EP 1100,-
Single room incl. breakfast: EP 400,- half-board: EP 600,- full-board:
EP 750,-
Camping is possible, please ask for current price
as of November 2018